FIZZAN sets up European Branch

admin | February 24th, 2015 - 12:48 PM

In the past 2 years, FIZZAN has developed a lot of oversea business for exhibition, special in Germany and some other Europe countries. We have been in Nuremberg, Augsburg, Cologne, Madrid and so on.

In order to expand Europe market, FIZZAN sets up European Branch in the beginning in Spain and start to co-operate with ALC Group who is one of the largest local company for exhibition. The new plant in Murcia is under construction now and will be launched in June, 2015.

About ALC Group:


ALC Group is founded in 1998 in Spain. With the development in the last 17 years, ALC becomes one of the largest local company for exhibition and sets up several branches in Europe, including Madrid, Andalucia, Barcelona and so on.



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